bump, bump

I am sure it is clear by now, but I took a little hiatus from blogging. One post on this new blog and I jumped ship.

This is probably something very silly and cliche to say but I needed to find myself. I needed a little time to reconnect with myself. I went to a very dark place earlier this year and I needed to pull myself and find the light again.

It took awhile. It took a break down. It took clearing a lot of people out of my life who I let in far to quickly. It took stepping back, taking a deep breath and collecting myself. I am not proud of a lot of things that happened in early 2011, but I am moving forward and coming to terms with what happened and why it did.

I am here now. I am back with a lot to say. We are talking about embarking down a path we have been down once before. I will elaborate more in a later post, but here is a hint:

bump, bump.







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