movin’ on up

We currently rent a small three bedroom house. It is only about 924 square feet. It is a little cozy, but is inexpensive and was exactly what we needed when we decided to move three hours North last fall to be closer to our families.

When we moved in we gave C the little bedroom. The theory behind it was that we could make the second largest room and office/playroom so he could be in there playing while I worked. That is not exactly what happened.

I usually work in the living room. Over the past year, toys, books and games have slowly taken over the only real “grown-up” space in the house. The office/playroom was abandoned.

J and I were trying to decide where to put the Christmas tree the other night. After we put C to bed, I stood staring at the office. I told her I thought we should move C in there. We should take all the office crap out, leave the toys and move him in. J was on board, but we both struggled with visualizing how to get him bed, his train table, his bookshelf, his glider and his toy box into the space. Should we do it? What if we moved everything and it did not fit? Decisions, decisions.

My biggest fear was moving C in and having him hate it. He is surprisingly resilient to change, but I know how scary it can be to move into a new room. It is a big change.

Thursday morning we set to work. By noon, almost everything was in C’s new big boy room. You know what? He absolutely love it. Surprisingly, I do, too. I told J it C’s room is my favorite room in the whole house. It is cheerful, with line green curtains and a shaggy red rug. His Dr. Seuss quilt is snug on his bed. His books, trains and toys all have a place. It is cozy, but not cluttered or crowded. It is a little boys room. It is an awesome space for him.

Now my mind is buzzing. I need to finish the letters for his name to hang on the wall. I want to buy canvas and paint silhouettes of trains, planes and automobiles to give him some artwork. I want to have clothesline on one wall to display his art.

This room is going to be awesome when I finish all the little details.

I will post pictures later.





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