I live in Northern Indiana. We are a mere 5 miles from the Michigan border. We are close enough that we normally get copious amounts of Lake Effect Snow.

When we moved up here last fall from Indianapolis I was so excited. I love the snow. I grew up all over the country and my favorite places always had snow. I love snuggling on the couch, with hot cocoa and a quilt and watching the snow blanket the ground.

Last year I was not disappointed. We have over 100 inches of snow. There was one day we got 24 inches of snow in 24 hours. We did not see the grass for months. It was snow, snow, snow.

This year? Disappointment. It has been unseasonably warm and rainy. The weather people threw around the term La Nina in relation to winter this summer. It would be mild. We would not get so much snow.


J is elated. She hates the snow. C is indifferent. He was not a big fan last year, but he was still to young to truly understand the amazing powers of the fluffy white stuff.

A few weeks ago we were promised a big snow. The day started out with 6-8 inches forecast. As the rain wore on, the totals went down to 4-6, then 2-4. I checked the weather around 8:00 that night, when the rain should have turned to snow. I big, empty zero stared back at me.

One mile down the road? 8 inches of snow. My house? Zero. ZERO.

We had a little snow fall last week. A mere 2 inches that quickly melted off the streets and lingered in the yard a few days until the 50’s returned and I was left with mud and muck.

Today the snow falls from the sky. We will see very little accumulation. The grass is sprinkled with white, but I can still see the green.

The weather people have said that the chances of a white Christmas are slim to none.

I miss the snow.



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