countdown to Christmas (6 days)

With six days until Christmas I can happily report that we are done Christmas shopping.

Christmas crafting? That is a whole other story. There are still plenty of items that I need to wrap up sewing. They will be done by Sunday. I work very well under pressure.

If you are expecting a Christmas card from us please know they will be on the way. Soon. They are addressed and sealed. I just need stamps from the post office… which requires going to the post office. I should have them in the mail Tuesday. Wednesday at the absolute latest. Chances are you will get them after Christmas. It is the thought that counts, right?


Yesterday (12.18) marked C’s 2 year, 10 month birthday. Yes, I still count. Yes, you are lucky I do not tell you he is “34 months” when asked. I was looking at photos the other day and I am simply amazed as how much he has changed, even in the last 10 months. Where did my baby go? I might post some photos of him soon to document the change.



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