countdown to Christmas (2 days)

My Christmas sewing pile is getting smaller, but I believe I will be sewing until late Christmas Eve. This is how I roll, folks.


I am excited to come back on Monday and share some of my Christmas creations and the reactions from the recipients. I love making things for people. I love the joy and excitement a handmade gift can bring.


C woke up last night in the middle of the night looking for his monkey. He greeted me at his door and together we searched for monkey. Once we found him, I tucked him back into bed. I kissed his sweet little forehead and he was on fire. I have been saying for a few days I felt like he was getting sick and it looks like I was right. A dose of acetaminophen and he was back to sleep.


He woke up this morning and his fever was 102.  Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are bringing it down slightly, but he is still warm. He snuggled on the couch and watched Cars this morning. He is eating and drinking normally. I just laid him down for a nap. Hopefully this passes quickly.


Less than two days, folks. We can start tracking Santa with NORAD tomorrow.





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