countdown to Christmas (1 day)

We had a challenging evening last night. C ran a fever most of the day yesterday and started feeling better around bed time. He goes down at 8:00. We spent the next 4.5 hours trying to get him to sleep. That is right, friends. He finally went to sleep around 12:30 AM. Needless to say I am exhausted and zero sewing got done last night. Zero.

C woke up at 7:30 this morning. I attempted to coax him back to sleep but to no avail. We were up, watching Cars, by 8:00 AM. I have done three loads of laundry this morning, a sink full of dishes and made a pillowcase.

Busy, busy bee.

The tree is trimmed. The stockings are hung. The gifts are wrapped.

This afternoon we are mixing our reindeer food. A little bit oats and some glitter. We will sprinkle it in the lawn to help the reindeer find their way. A new holiday tradition that I am excited for.

Cookies will be baked for Santa. Ornaments will be painted for our beloved family members. Christmas crafting will be completed.

We are anxiously awaiting the nightfall, when sugar plum fairies will dance in our dreams. We eagerly track Santa on NORAD, waiting for him to enter the United States and then our state and certainly our city.

The joy and magic of the holiday is here.



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