closing ceremonies

The closing ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London just wrapped up and I have to admit that I am a more than a little sad. For the last seventeen days the television in our home has been tuned to the games. We watched amazing moments in so many sports. We witnessed touching acts of sportsmanship. We proudly watched as our country came together as a team and joined the world in an epic celebration.

I love the Summer Olympics.

When the Summer games started in on 8/8/2008 I was around 12 weeks pregnant with C. This year he is 3.5. When the Rio game start in four years he will be 7.5 years old. While I am excited for the Rio games and counting down the days until they start I am finding it hard to wrap my brain around the fact that my boy will be so old.

I am eager to share the games with him again in 2016. He enjoyed yelling at the TV, encouraging the swimmers to swim and the boats to go but I know his love for the games will grow in 2016. I know he will have a better understanding and appreciation for sportsmanship and a teamwork. We can smile together and root for Team USA while learning the importance of the games and the history of the Olympics.
In 2014 we will welcome the Winter Olympic Games into our home and they too will work their way into our hearts and soul, creating a special memory and lasting lessons.


I leave you with one of my favorite moments of the tonight’s closing ceremonies.




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