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It’s been awhile. I know. I’ve have been so incredibly busy. I feel like I have hit a brick wall, but hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I work 40 hours a week, from home. This means I have C 24/7.  He is really good while I am working, thankfully. I also take classes about 15 hours a week and have 10-15 hours of homework. Add in cooking, cleaning and laundry and I have very little time. I sew when I can late at night or early in the morning.

Things will be settling down for a few months. I am taking a semester off to figure out what I want out of life and school. I am not 100% happy with the path I am taking now. I have big dreams and they do not relate to what I am studying. During this semester off I will be writing a business plan.

Yes, you read that correctly.  I am working on a business plan. I am gearing up for some market research and location scouting because I have a big dream and a vision. Will it work out? Who knows. Am I going to try? You betcha.

This is so much bigger than made with monster love. It is a mix of all the things I love. I want it to be huge. I want to be my own boss. I want to do something I love each and every day.

Hopefully I am on my way.



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Losing It! {again} Week 1

Losing it! has been a big, fat fail.

But not anymore.

I am going to once and for all make a commitment to myself and my family and lose the weight. I need to be healthy for myself. I need to be healthy for my son. I need to be healthy for my partner.

I do not want another year to go by with me in the staring roll as “fat and unhealthy”. I want want to be thinner, but more importantly I want to be healthy. I want to go for a walk and not get winded after two miles. I want to play soccer with my boy. I want to walk into a store and find an outfit without feeling fat, ugly and defeated.

Today marks a new day. I will get healthy. I will make goals and stick to them. Every Monday I will check in and if I do not, I expect you all to hold me accountable. Call me out. It takes a support system and I hope my readers will agree to be mine.

My goals this week:

  • Complete C25K Week 1
  • Log into myfitnesspal daily
  • Cut back to one glass of iced coffee per day

I encourage you to join me! You can find me as themommymonster on!


closing ceremonies

The closing ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London just wrapped up and I have to admit that I am a more than a little sad. For the last seventeen days the television in our home has been tuned to the games. We watched amazing moments in so many sports. We witnessed touching acts of sportsmanship. We proudly watched as our country came together as a team and joined the world in an epic celebration.

I love the Summer Olympics.

When the Summer games started in on 8/8/2008 I was around 12 weeks pregnant with C. This year he is 3.5. When the Rio game start in four years he will be 7.5 years old. While I am excited for the Rio games and counting down the days until they start I am finding it hard to wrap my brain around the fact that my boy will be so old.

I am eager to share the games with him again in 2016. He enjoyed yelling at the TV, encouraging the swimmers to swim and the boats to go but I know his love for the games will grow in 2016. I know he will have a better understanding and appreciation for sportsmanship and a teamwork. We can smile together and root for Team USA while learning the importance of the games and the history of the Olympics.
In 2014 we will welcome the Winter Olympic Games into our home and they too will work their way into our hearts and soul, creating a special memory and lasting lessons.


I leave you with one of my favorite moments of the tonight’s closing ceremonies.



Is this thing on?



I am, once again, a terrible blogger. A lot of things have happened since I last blogged.

  • I quit my job and got a new one
  • I started back to school. My first semester back ends next Friday (!!!)

My days are typically planned out to the minute to balance work/family/school/personal time. I need to work blogging back into the personal time.  I have lots to say and plenty to share.


Look forward to sharing with you.





Ten Things Tuesday

  1. I have all the windows in the house open today. It is so beautiful and airy. The lowest high in the next week it today at 61. Bliss.
  2. We bought C a power wheel during the holiday season at a really good price with coupons and discounts. We got it out last night since the weather is warm and built it inside thanks to a downpour last night. He is in heaven. He ate breakfast in the car this morning. His smile warms my heart.
  3. Tomorrow is my day off and I cannot wait to spend the day outside, in the sunshine, with my family.
  4. I hope we can move into a house this fall. Not only do we need the space, but I think one of our cats needs to be indoor/outdoor. He is always begging at the door to go outside and explore. I know that is frowned upon by many, but he is fixed and he seems to have a strong hunting urge.
  5. We made some decisions recently that will impact our family in a positive way. I am excited to be moving forward with these plans.
  6. I am wearing capris. Seriously. This weather is AMAZING.
  7. I am addicted to the iPhone/Android game “draw something”. Find me and play (themommymonster)
  8. I am on my last bit of coffee and creamer. I am going to give it up. This is a big step for me. I did it once before and ended up only lasting 9 months. I need to last a lot longer, with only the occasional cup of DECAF.
  9. I think I am going to challenge mommies2be over at Our growing family. You in E? 🙂
  10. Happy spring friends! I know it is not “officially” spring yet, but the time is coming.
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15 Things Friday

I have not blogged lately and I know I owe everyone an update. There are many blogs I love to follow that I check obsessively each day and I am always disappointed when there is not a new post. I figured it was time to get on it and let you all know what has been happening here.

A group of friends and I normally due “Ten Things Tuesday”  and write 10 things that are on our minds. I bring to you today 15 Things Friday:

  1. C’s birthday is less than 30 days away. I will have a 3 year old in a few short weeks.
  2. C started tumbling classes this week as a gift from his Grammie and Grandpa for his birthday.  We had a lot of fun in our first class. I will blog about that next week and hopefully have some pictures to share.
  3. I think I finally have the inspiration I need to make J and I a bed quilt. I hope to begin that soon.
  4. Work has been busy and time consuming lately. The woes of a work at home mom.
  5. We have finally entered winter here. Snow has been falling almost daily and it is beautiful
  6. Speaking of snow, we took C sledding for the first time last weekend. He had a good time walking up and down the hill,but was not really into going down the hill on a sled.
  7. J is making potato soup for dinner and I could not be more excited. It sound delicious right now. I wish it was time for dinner.
  8. I am addicted to the Animal Planet show, Pit Boss. I really want a Pit Bull when we get a house with some land.
  9. I gave up coffee this week and it has gone pretty well. I miss the taste of coffee, but I know it is better for my health and well being if I stop drinking it.
  10. I have loosely started following the Weight Watchers program. I plan to fully start following it in April when I can upgrade my cell phone to one that supports apps.
  11. I started a reading challenge for 2012 through My goal is 100 books. I have read 4 so far. I hope I can make it to 100. I did not realize how much I missed reading until I started this challenge.
  12. I would love to write a book someday, but I am unsure what I would want to write about. I used to keep drafts of stories I started in a folder, but I never got past the first few chapters.
  13. I would like to go to school to be a nurse, but I am truly unsure of how to balance work/home/school. It may be on hold for sometime.
  14.  My living room constantly looks like a toy store exploded. I want a bigger house with more space. For now I will proudly hang our “Please pardon our mess. We are making memories.”
  15. I am happier than I have been in a long time. I feel like I am finally getting control of my life and my emotions/feelings. I will post more about that soon.

Happy Friday!


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