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Losing It! {again} Week 1

Losing it! has been a big, fat fail.

But not anymore.

I am going to once and for all make a commitment to myself and my family and lose the weight. I need to be healthy for myself. I need to be healthy for my son. I need to be healthy for my partner.

I do not want another year to go by with me in the staring roll as “fat and unhealthy”. I want want to be thinner, but more importantly I want to be healthy. I want to go for a walk and not get winded after two miles. I want to play soccer with my boy. I want to walk into a store and find an outfit without feeling fat, ugly and defeated.

Today marks a new day. I will get healthy. I will make goals and stick to them. Every Monday I will check in and if I do not, I expect you all to hold me accountable. Call me out. It takes a support system and I hope my readers will agree to be mine.

My goals this week:

  • Complete C25K Week 1
  • Log into myfitnesspal daily
  • Cut back to one glass of iced coffee per day

I encourage you to join me! You can find me as themommymonster on!



Losing It! (Fail)

It has been 30 days since I last updated Losing It! Honestly, there is nothing good to report.


I have gained about a pound. I have fallen back into bad habits.


I was sick the week of my sons 3rd birthday with a raging head cold that would not end. I fell off the wagon then, taking comfort in food while I was sick.


It also it not helpful that the weather is a roller coaster. One day it is 26 and the next day it is a sunny 60. As soon as the weather stabilizes and it warm enough to enjoy the outdoors on a regular basis I feel like I will be on a better path.


Until then, here I sit, feeling fat and gross.


I know the change should be easy. I should want to eat better and lose weight. I truly want to. The idea of losing 80+ pounds is scary. If I lost 1 pound a week it will take me almost over 18 months to reach my goal. 18 months is a long time.


I understand that the progress may be slow, but it is also hard to watch at the same time. Watching a pound or half a pound is a step in the right direction, but it is also disheartening.


I will get there. It will just take time.

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Losing It! (Week 3)

This week was pretty decent. I feel like I am gaining control over portions. I have been working really hard to slow down when I am eating and let myself get to that full feeling before I overeat. I keep 100 calorie packs of almonds on my desk that I snack on when I have the urge.

I really need to start tracking points in some form. I have old WW materials I could use, but I like the idea of fruits and veggies being free and they are not on the old plan. I am making progress either way and that makes me happy. I just know I could be making greater progress if I tracked points and/or foods.

Starting Weight: 250.2 lbs
Current Weight: 249.1 lbs
Weight Lost: 1.1 lbs
Percentage Lost: 0.44%
Goal Weight: 165
Pounds left to lose: 84.1
Percentage to Goal: 3.56%

My goals for this week:

  • Continue working on portion control
  • Have a light snack at 8:00 PM and eat nothing after
  • Increase my water intake
  • Decrease and/or eliminate coffee
  • Start a food journal



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Losing It! (Week 2)

Week 2 is less than stellar. I lost half a pound. I wish the number were bigger, but I am half a pound lighter than I was last week.

Starting Weight: 250.7 lbs
Current Weight: 250.2 lbs
Weight Lost: 0.5 lbs
Percentage Lost: 0.20%
Goal Weight: 165
Pounds left to lose: 85.2
Percentage to Goal: 2.29 %

I made some poor eating choices last week in the form of a DQ Blizzard, some fast food, etc. A loss is a loss. I am happy that I lost weight. Thrilled! Do I wish it was more? Yes. I also have to remind myself that I started my period today, so the bloat and water weight are likely not helping.

I am well on my way to a skinny me. One pound at a time.

LilySlim Weight charts

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Losing It! (Week 1)

Last week I made a decision I’ve made 100 times before: lose weight. Since C was born, I have slowly been packing on the pounds. I recently saw photos of myself for 8 years ago and cannot believe how small I was. I remember thinking how fat I was back in those days. Hindsight truly is 20/20.

I started loosely following Weight Watchers last week. The plan has worked for me in the past, but I lamely do not want to fork over money to do Points Plus until I can get a smartphone that will allow me easy access to the app. My mom and sister both use it and it is amazing. You can scan the UPC code on most boxes and it will tell you how many points per serving for that food. Pretty cool, huh?

Anyway. I started following it loosely. My biggest changes last week were giving up coffee and trying not to snack. Both of these things were hard, but manageable.

Saturday I hit rock bottom. My dad invited us over for burgers. I am a sucker for a juicy burger. I ate more than my fair share. I got discouraged. There was no way I was losing weight my first week.

I weighed myself this afternoon and was very surprised to see a loss.

Starting Weight: 252.2 lbs
Current Weight: 250.7 lbs.
Weight Lost: 1.5lbs
Percentage Lost: 0.59%
Goal Weight: 165
Pounds left to lose: 85.7
Percentage to Goal: 1.72%

I have a long way to go. I am proud of myself for putting myself out there. I hope that this time next year I am close to my goal. I want to be a success story. I want to pose for the cover of a magazine and boldly claim I lost half my weight. I know my goal is not half my weight. My goal is in the healthy range for my height.

I can do this.

LilySlim Weight charts


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