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the story behind the blog name

I am sure there are people who balk at the fact that I call my son a monster. He really is not a monster. He is a sweet, funny and awesome kid. He was generally an easy baby. Sure, he had his moments, but he is by no means a brat, a terror or a monster.

When he was a tiny newborn I called him Squishy because he was a ball of squish. Seriously. His little face was always scrunched up and he was just adorable.

Once he started to get lanky I started calling him my little monster. They had all kinds of little boy clothing at the time that said “Mommy’s Little Monster” on it and the name stuck. My little monster grew to include me as “the mommy monster”.

I generally call him by his given name now, but the moniker has stuck for blogging. My sewing business is even called made with monster love as a continuation our of monster theme.

Let’s face it. I just like monsters.